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G. Nicholas Beckwith

Chairman, UPMC Board of Directors
Co-Founder, The Beckwith Institute
Board Chair, Clinical Transformation Program, The Beckwith Institute

Dotty Beckwith

Co-Founder, The Beckwith Institute
Board Chair, Frontline Innovation Program, The Beckwith Institute


Tami Minnier

Chief Quality Officer, UPMC
Executive Director, The Beckwith Institute

Amy K. Ranier

Director, Patient Experience, UPMC
Director, The Beckwith Institute

Cassandra M. Heinle

Project Manager, Donald D. Wolff Jr. Center for Quality, Safety, and Innovation
Operational Director, The Beckwith Institute

Ryan Bloser

Manager, Enterprise Accounting Analytics

Susan C. Martin

Director, Donald D. Wolff Jr. Center for Quality, Safety and Innovation

Johanna Bellon

Director of Quality Analytics, UPMC Wolff Center

Megan G. Quatrini

Director, Wolff Center at UPMC


Grace Anania
Timothy Billiar
Bruce Bowden
Dijbril Branche
Deborah Brodine
Louise Brown
Tom Cangiano
Leslie Davis
Jackie Dunbar-Jacob
Robert Edwards
Mark Gladwin
Steven Handler
Talbot Heppenstall
Audrey Hillman Fisher
Dawndra Jones
Edward Karlovich
Mark Laskow
Joon Sup Lee
Louis E. Leff
Holly Lorenz
Oscar Marroquin
Ed McCallister
Stephen Perkins
Sandy Rader
Mark Roberts
Fred Rubin
Steven Shapiro
James Schuster
William Shrank
Jessica Trybus
Gail Wolf
V. Thomas Worrall


Grace Anania

Senior at Shady Side Academy

Grace Anania is a Senior at Shady Side Academy. She has recently discovered a love of science, driven by her curiosity about the world we live in. Her experience as a patient escort at UPMC St. Margaret gave her the opportunity to learn about hospital services while also unlocking a passion for patient care. She hopes that as a student board member of the Beckwith Institute she will bring valuable and creative ideas as well as broadening her own knowledge in the field of health care.

Dijbril Branche

Junior at Shady Side Academy

Djibril Branche is a junior at Shady Side Academy. His long-held curiosity for science has been fostered and amplified by the many teachers that have blessed him at SSA. His study of anatomy for Science Olympiad instilled a passion for medicine and patient care. The honor of being a student board member for The Beckwith Institute allows him to pursue his passion, while at the same time exposing himself to the multiple perspectives and innovations that naturally arise in the field of health care.


Chirag Kulkarni

2016 Student Board Member

Chirag Kulkarni worked at the Institute of Thoracic Diseases studying the role of peptide analysis in the diagnosis of laryngopharyngeal acid reflux in the murine model using Western Blot assays at the Beckwith Institute.

Alisa Pugacheva

2015 Student Board Member

Alisa Pugacheva interned and volunteered at Ruby Memorial Hospital, helping her find and fund novel solution to patient care issues at the Beckwith Institute.

Leah Liu

2013 and 2014 Student Board Member

Leah Liu participated Science Olympiad, which has fostered her love for science and interest in the health care field.

Krishna Patel

2013 and 2014 Student Board Member

Krishna Patel attended the University of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy program, where his passion for science and medicine was confirmed.

Ayesha Shah

2012 Student Board Member

Ayesha Shah graduated from Shady Side Academy in 2013 and she attends NYU.

John Bodkin

2012 Student Board Member

John Bodkin graduated from Shady Side Academy in 2013 and he attends Lehigh.