Innovation is the future of health care. At The Beckwith Institute, we believe the focus of health care innovation must ultimately be the patient.

Since 2012, The Beckwith Institute has supported more than 100 research projects and pilot programs designed to challenge the status quo and disrupt traditional approaches to redefine health care delivery and patient care.

By reaching across disciplines and orchestrating partnerships to tackle pressing issues in health care, The Beckwith Institute is making a difference by:

  • Driving clinical innovation regionally, nationally, and globally in the field in immunotherapy and other leading-edge science.
  • Using the powerful combination of electronic health records, big data, and technology to develop predictive models on critical health care issues ranging from opioid addiction to suicide prevention
  • Improving care for such underserved population groups as immigrants, dementia patients, and the frail elderly
  • Using state-of-the-art tools like gaming technology to educate and empower patients of all ages to assume a greater role in their personal health
  • Creating deliberate, meaningful connections and improving communication between caregivers and patients for more effective, accessible, and quality care