Innovative thinking.
Advancing Standards of Care.

Our Mission

The Beckwith Institute champions innovations that result in transformational changes in the practice and delivery of health care to benefit patients and their communities.

We fund collaborative projects and research initiatives spanning the health care spectrum, applying new ideas, provider experiences, technology, and analytics to address real problems and seize emerging opportunities—with the goal of achieving transferrable solutions that will advance the standards of care nationwide.

The Beckwith Institute supports initiatives that innovate and improve the patient/family interface with clinical processes.

Our programs work in concert to achieve a single goal: to significantly improve patient care.

If you have an idea or innovation that will help improve patient care, you can begin the application process.

Explore Our Grant Programs

The Beckwith Institute is dedicated to improving clinical outcomes by empowering both clinicians and patients to explore innovations that introduce new ways of improving health care.

As the health care industry continues to grow and change, so does the need to adapt funding to most significantly influence innovation. Annually, The Beckwith Institute seeks pioneering ideas to support patients and the advancement of transformative care delivery models and research.

Clinical Transformation Program

This program focuses on health care service delivery systems and research, and supports translating research into practice. The Beckwith Institute is collaborating with internal and external clinicians and thought leaders to develop unique and dynamic solutions to health care’s greatest challenges and deliver better patient outcomes.

Frontline Innovation Program

This program is dedicated to funding innovations and empowering ideas that directly impact and improve bedside care and clinical practice today. The goal of this program is to support UPMC staff in a shared objective: to apply the most effective and efficient bedside practices to reach the best possible outcomes.

“Thanks to The Beckwith Institute, the youth leaders have demonstrated that there are many pathways to success when transitioning to adult health care. Inherent to success, however, is that youth be afforded the opportunity to choose their own pathway.”

– Jonathan Pletcher, MD, Children’s Hospital of UPMC