The Beckwith Institute’s origins are rooted in Dotty and Nick Beckwith’s own personal experiences with health care.

After a medical emergency nearly took Dotty’s life, the couple contributed $500,000 in 1991 to Shadyside Hospital (now UPMC Shadyside) to establish what would become the predecessor to today’s Beckwith Institute in appreciation of the compassionate care she received during her hospitalization.

Nick’s own health care legacy also began at Shadyside Hospital, where his father served as board chair. He joined that board in 1975, becoming board chair in 1990 and chairman of UPMC’s board of directors in 2002 — a position he continues to hold. His commitment to ensuring and advancing the quality of care for patients is a hallmark of his tenure at UPMC.

In 2012, The Beckwith Institute became an endowed fund at UPMC, with matching support from UPMC. The Beckwiths invest in support of the Institute and its mission to improve the patient experience and deliver superior clinical outcomes at UPMC and beyond.

Founded on the belief that the best ideas to improve health care come from those who care for patients, the Institute initially focused on nursing and improving bedside care through Frontline Innovation. It has evolved to include a focus on shared decision making and innovative process improvements through Clinical Transformation, and includes anyone involved in patient care.

The Beckwiths continue to play an active role in the Institute’s evolution as it looks for new and innovative ways to influence change and transform the delivery of care for patients everywhere.