Clinical Transformation Program

Beginning in Summer 2014, The Clinical Transformation Program will support two different grant opportunities.

The Clinical Transformation Program lends itself to projects that require a budget of approximately $25,000.

Shared Decision Making

The first, which has been in existence since Spring 2013 supports grants relative to Shared Decision Making.

This program focuses on improving how decisions are made about care; how patients and doctors are connected; and how patients and families learn to take care of themselves.

As physicians and patients learn to work together as partners, solutions like shared decision making will be used to affect change. Outcomes improve and costs decrease when patients and families become more involved with their health care decisions.

Applicants for Clinical Transformation Program Shared Decision Making grants should focus on the following areas and criteria for innovation. All of these areas concentrate on improving patient care, outcomes and efficiency while controlling the costs of health care delivery:

  • Team Tools and Processes: New ways to prepare care team members, including physicians, to accept and work with patients as partners in shared decision making.
  • Patient and Family Care: New techniques that help patients take care of themselves; help families partner in this care; and help families establish expectations.
  • Technology and Innovation: New tools that are applicable across diverse patient populations, with an emphasis on process redesign and/or innovation that is focused on the future.

Success Stories

Examples of recent funding granted on behalf of the Clinical Transformation Program include:

Bench at the Bedside

The second grant opportunity within the Clinical Transformation Program, Bench at the Bedside, supports the concepts of translational research with a specific focus on enhancing the translation of the application of evidence to patient care.

These grants, applications for which are by invitation only beginning Summer 2016, will enable researchers to rapidly apply new evidence to ongoing studies to further their efforts in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Using real-time analytics to develop pathways based on evidence as it emerges, translating “volume” research into “value” research
  • Applying funds to drive additional/new parts of existing UPMC work to improve research
  • Adding patient-focused innovation to larger grants
  • Identify new research findings to leverage into clinical practice.

Building upon the new models of care work and pathways, this program will offer physicians, advanced practice providers, and clinical leaders the ability to receive a grant to achieve any or all of the following objectives:

  • Advance the spread of evidence-based practices into all components of clinical pathway conditions
  • Embed shared decision-making processes and tools into evidence pathways
  • Design and build new research questions into pathway outcomes
  • Foster the importance of clinical care evolving from a single individual to a comprehensive team process.

How to Apply

Shared Decision Making

The formal application period for Shared Decision Making grants is currently closed. If you have recently applied for a grant, view the Clinical Transformation Program Important Dates and Deadlines (PDF).

Bench at the Bedside

Bench at the Bedside grants are by invite only at the present time. If you are interested in this grant, please contact Cassandra M. Heinle.

View a sample of the entire Clinical Transformation Program application (PDF) now.
Note: This is a draft application. Applications are subject to change yearly.

The Clinical Transformation Program board is chaired by Beckwith Institute co-founder G. Nicholas Beckwith.


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