These grants support translational research with a specific focus on enhancing the application of evidenced-based patient care. They enable researchers to rapidly apply new evidence to ongoing studies to further their efforts in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Using real-time analytics to develop pathways based on evidence as it emerges, translating “volume” research into “value” research
  • Applying funds to drive additional/new parts of existing UPMC work to improve research
  • Adding patient-focused innovation to larger grants
  • Identifying new research findings to leverage into clinical practice
  • Leveraging technology and big data to solve health care problems

Building upon the new models of care work and pathways, Clinical Transformation grants offer physicians, physician-researchers, advanced practice providers, health care providers, researchers, and academic and technology leaders support for projects that:

  • Advance the spread of evidence-based practices into all components of clinical pathway conditions
  • Embed shared decision-making processes and tools into evidence pathways
  • Design and build new research questions into pathway outcomes
  • Foster the importance of clinical care evolving from a single individual to a comprehensive team process

Grants levels for 2018-2019 are currently under review and will be announced in Spring 2018.

The Beckwith Center for Shared Decision Making

At its best, health care is collaborative: physicians and patients working together to identify and evaluate all options to create a plan of care. Patient-centered care takes that relationship a step further: it considers not only the treatment, but the person’s values and expectations, family needs, fears and concerns, and continuity of care requirements.


Shared decision making (SDM) engages patients in the process of making decisions that affect their health, particularly when there are multiple strategies or important pros and cons to consider. Shared decision making has a demonstrated impact on quality measures, leading to increased patient satisfaction, improved outcomes, and more cost-effective care.


The newly established Beckwith Center for Shared Decision Making seeks to play a leadership role regionally in this critical health care initiative by:

  • Fostering a culture of shared decision making
  • Providing governance and structure
  • Supporting innovative SDM initiatives and best practices at UPMC and beyond


The Beckwith Shared Decision Making Center will work in collaboration with UPMC, UPMC Health Services, and UPMC Health Plan to create mentoring and training programs for clinicians interested in decision support, as well as educational resources for patients and families.