Frontline Innovation Program

This program is dedicated to funding innovations and empowering ideas that directly impact and improve bedside care and clinical practice today. The goal of the Frontline Innovation Program is to support UPMC staff in a shared objective: to apply the most effective and efficient bedside practices to reach the best possible outcomes.

Grant applications submitted for this program may propose cost effective solutions such as new equipment to help facilitate more efficient and effective care; expanded education opportunities that enhance staff knowledge; or even the building of rooms or providing resources that bring about immediate improvements in patient care.

The program lends itself to projects that do not exceed a $10,000 budget.


Success Stories

Examples of recent funding granted on behalf of the Frontline Innovation Program include:


How to Apply

The Frontline Innovation Program application is now closed.

View a sample of the entire Frontline Innovation Program application (PDF) now.

The Frontline Innovation Program board is chaired by Beckwith Institute co-founder, Dotty Beckwith.

Her gratitude for the compassionate care she received at UPMC Shadyside Hospital in 1990 inspired the founding of this Institute.

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