Grant Application

Suzanne Wagester, Unit Director and Amy Kowinsky, Improvement Specialist at UPMC Presbyterian


Proposed Innovation

Communication is critical to a patient’s hospital care. Healthcare staff often communicate effectively, but when they do not, care is omitted and staff becomes frustrated. To avoid this issue, the 10D care team created a group messaging app to use on hospital-issued iPhones.


Improvements in Action

A caregiver selects a patient through the app, types a message, and sends to the entire 10D team. The goal is to reduce communication time and increase effectiveness in team communication.


Results – In Progress

Although the initial app design was cumbersome, the project definitely showcased a need for streamlined communication. By sending eight messages through the app, it eliminated the need to communicate the same messages 37 separate times. The app also resulted in fewer interruptions to patient care and a more effective notification process.