Grant Application

Rameshwari V. Tumuluru, MD, UPMC Western Psychiatric­–South Side Programs

Proposed Innovation

Mindfulness is a proven therapeutic skill that helps patients with psychiatric conditions to focus on the present. The Mindfulness Garden at the South Side Programs — part of UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital — was created in 2017 as a living educational and therapeutic space where young patients can learn and practice mindfulness through an activity that enhances their sense of connectedness.

The focus of this project is to expand use of the Mindfulness Garden to include parents so they can understand and support a child’s use of mindfulness in their recovery from mental illness.

Improvements in Action

Through this project, a tool kit will be developed to teach the mindfulness practice to parents. Like their children, they will be provided gardening supplies and learn about nutrition and healthy eating choices. Learning to stay in the present moment will improve their own well-being and help them respond to their children in a positive and nonjudgmental way.

Intended Outcomes

Expanding the Mindfulness Garden to include parents will spread the practice of mindfulness beyond the clinical setting to homes and communities. Learning to be less reactive will help parents better manage the emotional rollercoaster experienced by children with psychiatric illness.