Grant Application

Tara M. Bodenschatz, RNC-OB, Womancare Birth Center, Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC

Proposed Innovation

When a baby dies — before or soon after birth — there are limited opportunities to create precious memories for heartbroken parents. At Magee’s Womancare Birth Center, members of the Perinatal Loss Committee routinely take photographs of these infants and create special memory boxes for families to take home.

Funding from the Beckwith Institute will enable staff to purchase equipment and supplies needed to produce professional looking photos.

Improvements in Action

The committee recently received a professional camera donated for use in taking bereavement photos. Through this project, high-quality photo printers, a laptop, and editing software will be purchased. This will allow photos to be edited, blemishes corrected, and colors adjusted to create beautiful and lasting memories for grieving families.


Having better equipment will enable staff to provide parents with a treasured reminder and physical memento of their baby.