Grant Application

Jodi Boory, RN, CRRN, CHRN, CWCA, UPMC Wound Healing Services at UPMC Passavant

Proposed Innovation

Arterial ulcers are painful ulcers that occur on the lower legs and feet. When patients go to the outpatient wound center for care, they need vascular testing before a treatment plan can be prescribed. This has required referral to the hospital’s vascular lab to evaluate the surgical interventions needed to improve blood flow and healing.

Through this project, a Vasculab™ system will be purchased so testing can be completed on the patient’s initial visit at the UPMC Passavant outpatient wound center.

Improvements in Action

Arterial ulcers are commonly caused by peripheral artery disease (PAD). The Vasculab is a noninvasive physiologic testing system designed to evaluate PAD by measuring blood flow in the limbs — the artery brachial index, toe brachial index, and pulse volume. Having the machine in the outpatient wound center will allow doctors to promptly develop the best plan of care without asking the patient to make multiple trips.

Intended Outcomes

The specialized Vasculab equipment will enhance the patient’s experience and quality of care. The vascular team will have the information needed to quickly develop and initiate a plan of care aimed at limb salvage and wound healing.