Grant Application

Lisa May, PhD, LPC, UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor

Proposed Innovation

In behavioral health, art is frequently used to help people — adults and children — clarify their feelings, cope with trauma, and develop new ways of thinking and behaving. This often involves drawing pictures of people with crayons and markers, which typically do not include a variety of skin tones.

But we live and work in a diverse community and world. Through this project, Crayola® Colors of the World™ skin tone markers and crayons will be purchased so that therapeutic projects and artwork can be more reflective of how clients see themselves and the world around them.

Improvements in Action

This project will supply Safe Harbor clinical staff members with 150 sets of 32 crayons and 24 markers with a variety of skin tones. This will allow children and adults to create drawings that look like them. It will also demonstrate that the Safe Harbor staff values and celebrates diversity.

Intended Outcomes

Providing a variety of skin tone markers and crayons will clearly show that Safe Harbor is inclusive and welcomes everyone. It will also help foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance of diverse groups in clinical work.