Grant Application

Phyllis Szymanski, ClinicalConnect HIE

Proposed Innovation

More than 3 million child abuse cases are reported each year to Child Protective Services across the United States. Many of the children who are injured or die due to abuse were previously evaluated by doctors who failed to recognize signs of abuse.

Through this innovative project, emergency department admissions data will be monitored by the UPMC Children’s Hospital Child Advocacy Center to promptly investigate, diagnose, and treat pediatric patients who may be victims of child abuse.

Improvements in Action

The Child Advocacy Center will work in partnership with ClinicalConnect HIE — a regional health information exchange organization that receives electronic admissions data from 80% of the region’s emergency departments. Specific admission information generated through ClinicalConnect will be used to generate real-time data on suspected child abuse cases. Improved techniques will differentiate abusive from accidental trauma.

Intended Outcomes

This project will provide proactive monitoring of admissions information to quickly identify pediatric patients suspected of being abused. This will result in earlier identification and improved outcomes for children.