Grant Application

Sharon Miller, PharmD, UPMC Presbyterian Prescription Shop


Proposed Innovation

Discharged patients often are readmitted to the hospital due to medication issues. Sometimes, they are unable to afford the medication, or they are confused about directions or dosage, or they simply never get around to filling their prescriptions.

Through this project, the retail pharmacy team at UPMC Presbyterian will use Apple iPad® technology to provide “face-to-face” patient counseling at the bedside. The goal is to ensure that patients understand their medication needs and instructions, as well as their prescription benefit coverage, and resolve insurance issues prior to discharge.


Improvements in Action

Using an iPad, a team member will be able to connect to the pharmacy from the patient’s bedside to give additional prescription information. In addition, the technology can be used to help low-income, uninsured patients get the medication they need through the “Dispensary of Hope,” a national program that distributes medication and diabetic testing supplies to the needy. The bedside service will be offered to patients who undergo treatment in the Emergency Department or same-day surgery, as well as those who are admitted to the hospital.


Results — In Progress

Improving patient understanding of medications and resolving issues concerning insurance coverage or cost prior to discharge will improve patient care and medication adherence. The program aims to remove cost as a barrier, improve transition of care as patients move from hospital to home, and decrease readmission rates.