Grant Application

Danilo Romeres, UPMC Italy Language Services

Proposed Innovation

UPMC’s staff exchange programs and job vacancies worldwide offer career opportunities for talented nurses. But for many Italian nursing school graduates, the language barrier creates an obstacle when applying for overseas positions. Being able to speak English is a necessary skill in an environment where communication is vital.

Through this project, a customized English language program will be offered to the sons and daughters of UPMC Italy nurses who have decided to follow in their footsteps by pursuing a nursing career. The goal is to improve retention of current UPMC nurses by offering this added family benefit, and to enhance recruitment of future nurses for UPMC’s international positions.

Improvements in Action

UPMC Italy Language Services has more than 20 years of experience in English medical translation and interpreting. It will act as a consultant for the English language program and mentor selected candidates — ideally 18 and older who have completed high school and are currently enrolled or plan to enroll in nursing school.

The program will be designed to improve language and cultural skills, knowledge of international health care standards, and awareness of UPMC’s mission, vision, and values. The program will be led by a certified language instructor under the supervision of UPMC Italy Language Services staff.

Intended Outcomes

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their English language skills with a focus on medical jargon while also becoming internationally oriented health care professionals. The program is expected to better prepare future nurses to enter the international job market and provide an increased pool of English-speaking candidates for UPMC job vacancies overseas.